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When it comes to Reliability, Trust, Value and Convenience - the results speak for itself!

FLA Pet Care 90%
Other Pet Sitting Companies 70%
Neighbors & Family 50%

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Raving Reviews!

  • " I feel truly blessed to have found Joey and FLA Pet Care. My Pomeranian, Sunny, definitely loves being spoiled by Joey! He's always on time and sends me constant picture and video texts so I never feel like I left my pup's side. "

    Joanne Rathmann
    Joanne Rathmann Medicare Broker
  • " Chanel, my Yorkie, is tiny but complicated. She has two broken legs that need special attention and handling but Christina handles her like she's been certified to do this. I greatly appreciate her and the FLA Pet Care staff! Thank you so much! ".

    Chestaire Jean-Baptiste
    Chestaire Jean-Baptiste Chick-fil-a National Store Trainer
  • " Our dog can is very aggressive when meeting strangers and yet Roger demonstrated patience and professionalism until our pup, KC, Β was comfortable enough to cuddle up to him. Now she looks forward to her daily dog walks!

    Cynthia Sheridan
    Cynthia Sheridan Sales Manager
  • " FLA Pet Care has been walking our Pit bull, Lola, for over a year now. So thankful for the Healthier Paws program they offer! We have seen such an amazing improvement in Lola's behavior! ".

    Darlene Fiscina
    Darlene Fiscina Full time Mom and Grandma!